Features and functionality

Hardware Device

  • 24Vdc power supply
  • Mobile, Ethernet and Wi-Fi data interfaces
  • Operating temperature from -10°C to 80°C
  • IP54 enclosure and connections
  • Mounting on the fixed part of the mold with possibility of connection on the movable part
  • Built-in I/O: No. 4 Digital Inputs, No. 4 or 8 Thermocouples, No. 4 Digital Outputs

Cloud Service

  • SaaS cloud licensing (Software as a Service)
  • Assignment of access permissions to the mold and related information
  • Availability of real-time mold information depending on access privileges
  • Backup and retention of time data sets and machine events
  • Geolocalization of molds
  • API (Application Programming Interface) availability for integration of MoPLAST with ERP, SCADA, MES, CMMS and management systems

Molding cycle

  • Cycle time monitoring
  • Cycles number counter
  • Trend display of the number of cycles on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis
  • Complete management of the mold data
  • Shared archive of technical documents (CAD, data sheets, electrical and hydraulic diagrams, cycle count start, test reports, theoretical molding data reports, spare parts list)
  • Molding sequence recording
  • Provision for remote adjustment of machine molding parameters

Efficiency andmaintenance indicators

  • Mold efficiency measurement
  • Measurement of service life and maintenance history
  • Maintenance history log to reduce unplanned mold downtime
  • Mold status detection: active, pause, sleep, maintenance
  • Temperature alarm calculation with possibility to stop the production
  • Temperature probe bypass in case of sensor failure


  • Productivity statistics (cycle time, number of cycles)
  • Efficiency statistics: percentage of mold working time versus pause time
  • Maintenance statistics: graphical representation of the number of maintenance interventions performed on time, early or late
  • Alarm statistics: log and analysis of alarms that occurred in a given time interval


  • Automatic data reporting
  • Manual data export
  • Periodic report emailing containing productivity, efficiency and maintenance statistics calculated on a preset time base.

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