Why choose moplast?

Remote storageand monitoring

In addition to data collection and storage in the Cloud, the system ensures access to real-time information and geolocalization of the molds, a key factors for remote machinery management and for Business Intelligence analysis instantly usable anywhere in the world.

LoweringEnergy Costs

Injection molding is characterized by high energy consumption. MoPLAST helps you to identify inefficiency and cut energy costs, optimizing production and reducing downtime.

Complete managementof the molding cycle

The main goal of MoPLAST is the complete management of the mold life cycle. Mold owners, manufacturers and molders can access to production data and remotely analyze production trend.


MoPLAST’s IIoT technology continuously collect data in cloud about mold usage that make it possible to apply Machine Learning techniques aimed to preventive detection of mold defects or faults.

Wide Connectivity

To support companies in Industrial IoT projects, MoPLAST comes with mobile connectivity included providing direct access to the cloud service. MoPLAST is equipped also with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections for direct access to the device installed on the mold.

KPI Analysis

MoPLAST enables efficiency metrics and productivity indicators essential for planning production cycles and maintenance. It also allows you to manage alarms, reduce downtime and energy costs.

Flexibledata access

The system allows the customer connected to the network to receive data directly from MoPLAST’s cloud service on pc, tablet and smartphone. This means secure and flexible access to process data with possibility of its use in real time.

Industry 4.0 goals

MoPLAST is an advanced smart industrial device that is aimed at plastic molding industry and designed to seamlessly integrate into your Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

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